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Serverbyt Review: After 6 months of usage

Let’s be honest, “unlimited” anything online sounds too good to be true. So, when I saw Serverbyt’s ad on Instagram offering free web hosting with unlimited everything for just ₹499 a year, I was skeptical. But, as a budget-conscious blogger, I decided to take the plunge and see what they were all about. Here’s my honest serverbyt review after more than 6 months of using their service.

The good things about ServerByt

Student Plan:

ServerByt’s Student Plan is completely free, and if you are a beginner or a hobbyist, I do recommend going for it. Here are my top favourites for this plan:

  •  Single Website + 1 subdomain
  •  5 GB Webspace
  •  50 GB of monthly bandwidth
  •  2 MySQL Databases (Remotely Accessible)
  •  1 Email
  •  FREE SSL Certificates

Super Easy Setup: Signing up and setting up my website was a breeze. They are using industry-standard technologies like c-panel, MySQL, etc.

Decent Speeds: The load times on ServerByte are decent. If, however, you know what you are doing, you can get a 95+ performance score on page-speed insights using caching plugins and cloud flare. This is essential for increasing SEO and retaining visitors.

Responsive Support: They have an insanely fast support staff. When you visit the website for the first time, a chat box automatically appears, and you can literally get started talking to a real human without having to raise a support ticket and waiting for hours. While I haven’t had any major issues, the few times I’ve contacted customer support, they’ve been incredibly helpful and responsive. They answered my questions clearly and resolved them quickly (even on the free student plan).

Truly Unlimited: This is where Serverbyt surprised me. They genuinely do offer unlimited storage, bandwidth, and even email accounts on the Blaze plan, with costs like INR 499. On the free student plan, they offer 5 GB of storage, 50 GB of bandwidth, 2 MySQL databases, 1 email account, 1 subdomain, and 1 FTP account.

100% uptime: I’ve been hosting a website on ServerByt for the past 6 months and i have not personally noticed any downtimes. I even setup UptimeRobot which checks the website every 5 minutes to track the website, and surprisingly, no incident happened in these 6 months.

Things to Consider:

Limited Features: Serverbyt’s focus is on affordability and simplicity. This means you won’t find some of the more advanced features offered by pricier hosting providers.

Uncertain Long-Term Reliability: The company is relatively new, so there’s a lack of a long-term track record when compared to established hosting providers.

Performance: The performance is decent, especially when you install a lot of plugins in WordPress. It is definitely not the fastest thing in the world, but it gets the job done.

Serverbyt Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, Serverbyt is an incredible option for beginners, hobbyist bloggers, or anyone with a simple website that doesn’t require a ton of bells and whistles. Their user-friendly interface, excellent customer support, and truly unlimited features are hard to beat at this price range. However, if you have a mission-critical website or require advanced features and a proven track record, you might want to consider established providers with more robust offerings.

Disclaimer: This website,, is not hosted on ServerByte

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